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February 2015

3.1 Location Plan - this plan shows the whole route, from Canterbury to Richborough.

3.2 Land Affected Plan - these show the boundary within which we propose to build the connection.

3.3 Land Plans - these show the boundary within which we propose to build the connection and the land owned by different people.

3.4 Special Category Land Plans and Crown Land Plans - these show the boundary within which we propose to build the connection and the land, such as common land, owned by special bodies such as the National Trust. Not every section of the route has Special Category Land. They also show where this interacts with crown land. Crown land is where land belongs to Her Majesty in right of the Crown or in right of Her private estates, an interest belonging to a government department or held in trust for Her Majesty for the purposes of a government department, and such other interest as the Secretary of State specifies by order. Not every section of the route has Crown Land.

3.5 Works Plans - these show the proposed route of the development in each Section. They also show the boundary within which we propose to build the connection.

3.6 Access, Rights of Way and Public Rights of Navigation Plans - these show any changes proposed to public roads, footpaths and bridleways and access to these.

3.7 Design Drawings - these provide details such as the size and height of the new infrastructure we propose.  (Please note, updated plans to sheets 10, 11 and 12, were issued in June 2015 to remove third party information. All other information remains unchanged).

3.8 Trees and Hedgerows to be Removed or Affected Plans - these show the trees and hedgerows we may remove when we build the proposed development.

3.9 Environmental Features - Statutory or Non-Statutory Sites or Features of Nature Conservation Plans.

3.10 Habitats of Protected Species, Important Habitats or Other Diversity Features and Waterbodies in a River Basin Management Plans - these show the land which is of particular environmental importance including areas that are important habitats and water bodies.

3.11 Heritage Designation Plan - these show historically important places such as listed buildings.

May 2014

Map of Proposed draft route - a map showing the proposed draft route in its entirety.. 

Map of Section A of proposed draft route - this maps illustrates the section which runs from Canterbury substation to Bredlands Lane. 

Map of Section B of proposed draft route - this section begins at Bredlands Lane near Tile Lodge Farm and ends at Wantsum Walk near Wall End Farm. 

Map of Section C of proposed draft route - This section begins at Wantsum Walk near to Wall End Farm, goes across the Chislet Marshes and ends at the public pathway which runs south of Monkton. 

Map of Section D of proposed draft route - this section begins from the public right of way south of Monkton to the proposed Nemo Link at Richborough. 

Connection Options Report Figures - maps and drawings contained within the Connection Options Report. The report can be found here.

November 2013

Map of preferred draft route corridor - a map displaying our preferred draft route corridor for the Richborough connection project.

April 2013

Consultation zone map - a map of the orginal consultation zone with both north and south corridors.

Route Corridor Options - a map displaying both original route corridor options. 

Route Corridor Study Figures - a document of maps and figures of the Route Corridor Study.

Route Corridor Study Appendix 1 Figures - a document of the appendix for the Route Corridor Study