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Our proposed route

In February 2015, we announced our proposed route and held a formal public consultation in which we invited responses from the public. This public consultation ran from 10 February until 27 March 2015.

A map showing our proposed route can be seen below.

In our proposed route, we were still able to remove UK Power Network’s existing line.

The route also:

  • Ran further away from houses in Hersden, Upstreet, Sarre and Gore Street, than the existing UK Power Networks line.
  • Was further away from Monkton and Minster than the draft route we published in May 2014.

In developing the proposed route and when looking at how to make the connection, we did a number of studies and considered a wide range of factors, including:

  • The environment: The impact on wildlife and nature, the effect on local landscapes, views, historic buildings and artefacts and other environmental factors.
  • Socio-economics: The effect on local people and businesses.
  • Technical considerations: How we can safely build, operate and maintain the connection.
  • Cost: The cost of the project, which is paid for through everyone’s energy bills.

Further details showing our proposed pylon locations can be found in our Works Plans document.