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Placing the connection underground in sensitive areas

We have already confirmed that we do not propose to use underground cables for the entire route.

However, as part of the work we’ve been doing we have looked at whether underground cables could be used for particularly sensitive parts of the route.

Our view from the studies undertaken is that by carefully placing pylons and removing the existing UK Power Networks line between Richborough and Canterbury, we can manage the environmental impact of the new line. We therefore announced in May 2014 that no part of the route is sensitive enough for us to recommend undergrounding.

Further, when looking at placing the line underground, we have to balance impact on the environment and the cost, which is ultimately added to everyone’s energy bills. Balancing all of these considerations we propose to continue developing the project as an overhead connection using pylons.

More information on this proposal can be found in our Connections Option Report and its Non-Technical Summary.