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Our Preferred Route Corridor

We are proposing that an overhead line should be built through the North Corridor and sub-option B (which passes north of Broad Oak, before coming south to Canterbury North substation). This proposal is based on government guidelines, engineering requirements and the feedback we received during the first consultation period in Summer 2013. 

Using the North Corridor allows us to remove the existing UK Power Networks lower voltage pylons between Richborough and Canterbury. This option also has the least environmental impact of the options we looked at and received most support from the summer consultation feedback – details of which can be found in our Summer 2013 Consultation Feedback Report.

Why the North Corridor?

Our Preferred Connection Option and Route Corridor Report explains why we are proposing to take the North Corridor, sub-option B forward into the next stage of the project. Here is a summary of the main issues considered:

Landscape and visual amenity

Both corridor options directly affect the local landscape. However, as there is already an overhead line in the North Corridor, it would cause less change to the landscape than building an overhead line in the South Corridor where there is currently no overhead line. 


As there is already an existing UK Power Networks power line in the North Corridor, the risk of birds flying into the line would not be increased by building the new overhead line. However, building a new overhead line within the South Corridor would introduce a new risk to birds. In addition, less woodland would be affected in the North Corridor.

Historic environment

The South Corridor would introduce a new overhead line where no existing overhead lines exist. Subsequently the effects on the historic buildings, landscapes and artefacts would be greater in the South Corridor than the North Corridor.

Other proposals in the area

During the consultation, plans for a housing development site and new road were presented in Canterbury City Council’s Draft Local Plan and the public also noted the plans for a new reservoir north of Broad Oak. Both of these plans were taken into account when making our decision.

Details of feedback received during the Summer 2013 consultation can be found in the Summer 2013 Consultation Feedback Report. A full explanation of why the North Corridor has been chosen can be found in the Preferred Connection Option and Route Corridor Report