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Project documents

This page provides links to all the technical documents that have been produced since the start of the project.

December 2016

Project newsletterNational Grid project newsletter announcing the completion of the examination process on 8 December, as well as details of our work in the local community and the projects next steps.

January 2016

We submitted our Development Consent Order (DCO) application to The Planning Inspectorate on 14 January 2016.

Project news - this is our latest project newsletter which outlines details of our application to the Planning Inspectorate.

February 2015

We announced our proposed route, informed the public of our proposals for the type of pylon and their locations, and asked the public for their views as part of our formal consultation which runs from 10 February 2015 to 27 March 2015.

Project Documents

1.1 Navigation document (high-res) / 1.1 Navigation document (low-res) - this is a guide to all of the documents included in our application.

1.2 Project news (high-res) / 1.2 Project news (low-res) - this is our latest project newsletter which outlines details of the final proposals, the start of the consultation and information on the next steps for the project.

1.3 Overview report (high-res) / 1.3 Overview report (low-res) - this document gives an overview of all of our plans and proposals to date as well as background information on how we make decisions.

1.4 Feedback Form (high-res) / 1.4 Feedback Form (low-res) - this is a copy of the feedback form which is being used to gather feedback during the consultation.

1.5 Factsheet - this leaflet outlines the work we have done so far, and the next steps for the project.

1.6 Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) - this document outlines our plans for consulting with stakeholders.

1.7 Save the date card - details of our consultation and pop-up events.

2.1 Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) Non-Technical Summary (high-res) / 2.1 Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIRNon-Technical Summary (low-res) - the Non-technical Summary provides a concise overview of the Preliminary environmental Information Report avoiding technical or specialist words and phrases.

2.2 Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) - the full Preliminary Environmental Information Report.

2.3 PEIR: Appendices (Figures) Part 1 / Part 2 - this contains all the diagrams and maps referred to in the PEIR chapters.

2.4 PEIR: Appendices (Technical) - this contains background technical information referred to in the PEIR chapters.

4.1 The Draft Development Consent Order - this details the legal powers for which we are seeking consent. It contains a list of all the draft work we propose to do and a series of draft ‘Requirements’, similar to planning conditions, which set out our various obligations if consent is granted.

4.2 The Draft Explanatory Memorandum - this explains the purpose of the Draft Development Consent Order and the powers contained in this. You should read this before reading the Draft Development Consent Order.

5.1 Pylon Design Options Report - this explains how we considered the different pylon designs available to the project.

5.2 Need Case - this explains why the project is needed. This was first published in June 2013.

5.3 Strategic Options Report - this explains the process of developing and assessing strategic options at the beginning of the project. This was first published in June 2013

5.4 Route Corridor Study - this report documents the work undertaken to identify and appraise the potential route corridor options which could accommodate a 400kV overhead line between the Nemo Interconnector proposed at the former Richborough power station site and the existing Canterbury North substation. This was first published June 2013.

5.5 Preferred Connection Option and Route Corridor Report - this sets out why we have chosen to build an overhead connection between Richborough and Canterbury. It also sets out how we assessed the two areas of land in which the connection could be built (known as route corridors) taking into account feedback received from the Summer 2013 consultation. This was first published in November 2013.

5.6 Connections Options Report - this explains how we have looked at different options for building the Richborough Connection within a section of land known as the preferred route corridor (North Corridor) and the reasons for choosing our preferred draft route. This was first published May 2014

Frequently Asked Questions - frequently asked questions about our project and proposals.

Distribution System Options Report - this report has been produced by UK Power Networks and National Grid which looks at the options to maintain the security, resilience and operational flexibility of the 132 kV distribution system. This is as a consequence of the Richborough Connection project proposal to remove the UK Power Networks, Richborough to Canterbury South 132kV overhead line.

Undergrounding high voltage electricity transmission lines (the technical issues) - this document is to provide information about the technical merits and challenges associated with undergrounding high voltage electricity lines, compared with installing overhead lines.

May 2014

We published our proposed draft route, confirmed that we are not proposing to put any part of the connection underground, and asked the public to give us their views on the type of pylon which could be used. We published:

Connection Options Report - a report outlining why we have chosen the proposed draft route, and the factors we took into consideration. The Connection Options Report figures (maps and drawings) can be found here.

Non-Technical Summary of Connections Options Report – a non-technical summary of the Connections Options Report.

May 2014 Project newsletter - a newsletter outlining the key announcements made in May 2014.

November 2013

We announced our decision to develop proposals for a connection in the North Corridor with sub-option B. We published:

Preferred Connection Option and Route Corridor Report – a report outlining our reasons for choosing the north corridor with sub-option B.

Summer 2013 Consultation Feedback report - a report outlining the feedback we received to the Summer 2013 consultation and how this was taken into account.  

November 2013 project newsletter - a newsletter outlining the key announcements we made in November.

April 2013

We announced the project to the public and held our first consultation during Summer 2013. We presented the public with:

Our Need Case – a report outlining why the Richborough Connection is needed.

Strategic Options Report – a report outlining the options we considered for making the connection from Nemo Link at Richborough and the electricity network at Canterbury.

Route Corridor Study, including Figures and Appendix 1 Figures (maps and drawings) - a report, with associated maps outlining the areas of land we considered for building an overhead connection from Richborough to Canterbury and the reasons for choosing them. 

April 2013 project newsletter - a newsletter outlining the key announcements made in April 2013.