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Ways of Making the Connection

We looked at a several ways to connect Nemo Link to our electricity network. In our Strategic Options Report we considered six options:

  • Richborough to Canterbury North substation
  • Richborough to Cleve Hill
  • Richborough to Kemsley
  • Richborough to Cleve Hill (using a sub-sea cable)
  • Richborough to Sellindge (using a sub-sea cable)
  • Richborough to Kemsley (using a sub-sea cable)

We examined the technical, environmental and socio-economic issues associated with each option, as well as the build and lifetime costs. The subsea options would incur substantially greater costs than the onshore options and would also have the potential to affect international ecological sites. The onshore options to Cleve Hill and Kemsley involve longer connection routes and have potential to cause a greater impact on the environment.

The assessment is explained in more detail in the Strategic Options Report in our ‘library’ section, as presented during our Summer 2013 consultation.